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Aug 25, 2011 7:00pm PDT
of apple stock rebounded in the wake of steve job's departure. apple ended up losing les than 1% after being down 5% last night. tom vacar reports on his future and the tight rope walked by the new leader. >> for many steve jobs is apple and tim cooks is no steve jobs. it might or might not matter. >> this is a case where the ceo has been a little larger than life. and, so, it is a real question about what is going to happen next. >> reporter: mac pag screen that follow the company and its people think this of cook. >> after you see what jobs has been dog after the years he will hand it over to the senior people in charge of the products and showing how deep the bench is in apple. >> reporter: but chapman says it can go either way. she says the disney company wallowed for years when it lost its founder. >> it took 4ceo's for the company to regain a strong identity and to develop the kind of track record that it had while walt disney was in place. >> reporter: on the other hand. southwest airlines legendary, revolutionary founder left behind a culture that made it then and continues
Aug 24, 2011 7:00pm PDT
:00 news. >>> a bombshell announce the from apple. steve jobs is stepping down immediately. the move seems to be because of a medical condition. the long term chief operating officer tim cook is ceo. in a statement today jobs said he's no longer able to meet his dutities and expectations. during hiss ten time the ipad and more came out. >> apple as a business as been stellar during this whole time of uncertainty with respect to job leadership. >> jobs' health has long been a concern. he had cancer and received a liver transplant. it's only been hours but apple stock is taking a hit. an after hours trading apple fell 5%. >>> bart leaders today opened a public dialogue about the move to shut down cell phone service this month, but protesters say that won't stop them from more civil dis-obedience. >> where is free speech? >> reporter: from the platform. >> your strategy is failing miserably. >> reporter: to the board room, hurt from protesters that shut down stations and rattled nerves. >> you want dialogue, please listen and please actually act. >> reporter: in a lively debate over
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2